Sass Style Story Homage To Classical Lab Wonderments Attars Original Attars Space Age

Welcome to my world of cruelty free alchemy combining the alembic principles of Persian elixirs with the sassy style of French perfumery.

My perfumery world uses arid plants to create the bombastic heady scents of the 1920’s and 1970’s. Re-invention of the golden decades of perfumery without the need for animal suffering.

Classically trained I have never used perfume animal derivatives; My perfumery course finale was an oil based sassy French floral elixir that was spun not distilled.

No animal products, no animal clarification, no alcohol and no by-product wastage. This sassy stylised modern perfume has become Stiletto perfect for a night on the town.

Bombastic heady scents spun in a machine modified by myself called ‘The Attarator’. Bio-rhythmic patterns run by a Raspberry PI circuit board to set the freshest perfume in the world without the need for alcohol steeping and synthetic fixatives.

We won’t always be in stock; We will sell-out because this isn’t a harsh industrial chemical process to turn out synthesised perfume as per all the corporate fashion houses.

We will have an available list of perfumes for instant purchase that once gone will be available for pre-order.

A small batch perfumery that hasn’t sold-out its principles who wants to take on the corporate conglomerates with Sass, Style & A Story.

All perfume can be made like this so join our revolution to support ecology, fair trade and most of all to unlock your perfume DNA with an elixir wonderment designed just with you in mind…

A Natural Vegan Perfume System