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The ‘classical’ published perfume triangle completely disregards olfactory symbiosis. Each element is layered with just one side touching another.
Air and skin have no relationship to the perfume when in fact they contribute to the osmosis of a blend becoming a perfume on the skin….
Bio-rhythmic Olfactory Symbiosis is the reverse of atomisation. It is the eight hour process of the perfume revealing its earthy and musky base notes in their simplest form.
The symbiosis is different for every person as ‘skin DNA’, temperature and pulse produces a bio-rhythmic distillation of the perfume…
Arithmetic Expression is fragrance pattern matching to create waves of olfactory triggers; a mathematical encyclopaedic quantification of the hermetic botanicals that make a perfume….
Peruse the vegan perfumes and aftershaves that have been designed using Olfactory Arithmetics™ and handmade using Arithmetic Expression with Olfactory Nuance Adjustment by “The Nose”….

A Natural Vegan Perfume System