The ‘classical’ published perfume triangle completely disregards olfactory symbiosis. Each element is layered with just one side touching another.
Air and skin have no relationship to the perfume when in fact they contribute to the osmosis of a blend becoming a perfume on the skin.
Olfactory Arithmetics is expressed through an Icosahedron Triambic where each element of the pure perfume interacts through a focal point to create the symbiosis that is a parfum masterpiece.
Atomisation with the carrier oil blend further enhances or subdues the olfactory blend to give a botanically balanced parfum that is ready to interact with the pulse point bio-rhythms of each particular individual.
Natural perfume should smell different on each person’s skin, sometimes subtle variations whilst some blends create a polarising chemistry on the skin.
Celebuscent modern synthetic perfume has no individuality, no heart, no ‘joie de vivre’; flat overly floral citrus waves crash violently before totally disappearing.
Perfume should be an eight hour wonderment of olfactory triggers that reveal each subtle nuance of the blend.
At the end of the day, you should be left with the earth and musk underlying notes that are the soul of the blend.
The icosahedron triambic defines these earth and musk oils at the very base; these in fact don’t have the focal point to fully interact.
They are the foundations which rise up through the permeable wood and cocoa notes to define the base to allow the treble to sing through at the start of the symbiosis.
Cocoa is a myth of perfumery that needs explaining and quantifying as it can be achieved in two ways. Sometimes a perfumer will use oleoresin to add an indulgent velvety layer to the perfume.
Grand Perfumers understand the symbiosis between wood, earth and musk to create velvety unctuous indulgent heartwarming fragrance.
‘Three Michelin Star’ cookery has added a ‘clean’ depth to fully appreciate all the process that have been utilised to make a dish. Olfactory Arithmetics achieves this artistry level through the natural atomisation of the blend to leave a crystal clear botanically balanced perfume.
Atomisation is the art of expressing aromatic triggers through a process of vapour, density, viscosity and controlled evaporation in hand blown glass flasks with a triambic neck resonating the symbiosis of the ingredients.